Vida Groznik participated in the webinar titled Artificial Intelligence in Health and Medicine at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

The webinar entitled Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare and Medicine was organized under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Our colleague Vida Groznik  also participated as an invited lecturer and presented her work  “How to detect dementia with artificial intelligence?”

More about the event is available at this link

On their website can be read: “AI in medicine and healthcare involves the use of machine learning algorithms to mimic human cognitive function in the analysis, interpretation, and understanding of complex medical and health data. The increasing availability of health data and the rapid advancement of analytical techniques allow the use of AI in early detection of diseases, diagnosis, treatment of patients and prediction of outcome, but also allows the use of AI in other related areas such as finding safe and effective drug combinations. AI also plays an important role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

The other organizers of the event are also IKT-hm, the Association for Informatics and Telecommunications, the AI4SI initiative, Co-organizer: SRIP Zdravje – medicine, and Tehnološki park Ljubljana.