Unpacking human behaviour with iMotions

In collaboration with iMotions HICUP Lab offers research partnership to the industry.

We offer real-time measurements of nonconcious human responses and provide the bigger picture on human actions, thoughts and feelings. We use a multimodal approach capturing biosignals from multiple modalities of the human body, such as:

Eye tracking => Did i notice key info?
Facial Expression Analysis => Did it make me smile?
GSR, EMG & raspiration => Did it connect to me?
Surveys => Do I remember seeing it?

Why multimodal approach?

People are full of biases. Our prior experiences dictate what is our conscious experience of really and we have a strong bias to comply with the norm. This makes it difficult to objectively measure what people think.

What next?

We can help you:

  • make a step forward in objectively understanding what really drives the shopping experience and purchase decisions.
  • make non-intrusive measurements into the nonconsciously generated signals during the actual experience, removing bias and subjectivity.
  • measure beyond the focus groups by measuring nonconscious and behavioral cues that go beyond how audiences think they feel.
  • design user experiences that align with people‚Äôs needs and expectations using quantifiable approaches.
  • Measure gaming experiences and VR by measuring immersion, presence and flow, providing a richer understanding of what makes a game enjoyable.

In practice:

  • We have a mobile unit with trained certified specialist that come to your location and record data.
  • We use state-of-the-art hardware such as: TobiiPro Glasses 2, Tobii Pro Nano and Tobii Pro Spectrum screen based eye trackers, g-tech Nautilus EEG system, Shimmer EMG and GSR wearable sensors. 
  • In collaboration with your marketing team we design user studies.
  • Domain experts from our lab perform data analysis and produce a report that includes replays, bee-swarms, heatmaps, statistics on Time to First Fixation (TTFF), time spent, revisits, emotional response levels coupled with facial expression statistics and more.
  • We provide all data in open format so your marketing team can perform further analysis.