Lab equipment

All lab infrastructure is available to researchers and students (home and visiting) for the conduct of research activities at University of Primorska.

Maker Studio

The maker studio is equiped with high end tools for prototyping interfaces and IoT devices. The following set of equipment is available:

  • FDM 3D printers such as Stratasys F170 and Ultimaker 5s
  • 3D printer Stratasys PolyJet Object 260 CONNEX 3
  • Laser cutter Trotec speedy 400
  • Other basic tools for prototyping, design and development electronic circutets (oscilloscope, spectral analyser, etc.)

Cognition, perception and behaviour analysis lab

The aim of the laboratory is to study a wide range of cognitive, perceptual and behavioral processes. The main focus is to study the understanding of visual perception, decision-making and sensory substitution in order to better understand the transformation of brain information into actions.

  • EEG system with wet and dry electrodes — G-tec Nautilus 64-channel with wet and dry electrodes (Coming soon)
  • Eye tracking glasses like TOBII Glasses 2 
  • Screen based eye tracking such as TOBII Pro spectrum, nano and 4C.
  • HTC Vive with Tobii tracking integration for eye tracking in VR
  • EMG, ECG and Galvanic skin respnose sensors Shimmer
  • iMotions and Tobii Pro Lab Licences (coming soon) for data capture and analysis of data.

Mixed Reality/Immersive analytics Lab

The mixed reality lab will support the development and research in the domain of immersive technologeis such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. The equipment enables full body motion tracking, multi-user VR experiences, large display interactions, projection mapping on muvable objects. Amongst others this infrastructure is in place to support the development of the emerging filed of Immersive Analytics. The following set of equipment will become available:

  • Low latency, high framerate and high precision 16 camera outside-in optical tracking system capable of tracking volumes 7x7x3 metres.
  • Movable outside-in optical tracking system with 6 cameras
  • High speed projector system
  • Mirror-head projection systems for projection mapping:
  • VR system composed of backpack computers with  HTC Vive PRO
  • High resolution VR system such as XTAL 
  • VideoWall (177 inch OLED ) with 30 point touch screen coupled with media server running qadro RTX 6000.