Marko Tkalčič Program Committee Chair of ACM UMAP Conference

Dr. Marko Tkalčič is one of Slovenia's top scientists according to Elsevier

This year, the roles of the highest scientific officers
at the conference (program committee chairs) are going to be shared by Nava Tintarev from the University of Maastricht (NL) and Marko Tkalčič from the University of Primorska, HICUP Lab. Marko Tkalčič has been a leading member of the UMAP research community for several years now and is an editorial board member of the Springer UMUAI journal (A”). This is an
important publicity outreach for the University of Primorska as it will be positioned as one of the leading research centers in user modeling and personalization.

The ACM UMAP (User Modeling and Adaptive Personalization) 2021 is the premier international conference for researchers and practitioners working on systems that adapt to individual users, to groups of users, and that collect, represent, and model user information. The topics include recommender systems, intelligent user interfaces, and behaviour change systems, among others. The conference will take place in Utrecht (NL) in a hybrid format in June 2021.

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