ImAna 2020 – Workshop on Immersive Analytics as a part of IEEE AIVR conference

HICUP Lab (Klen and Matjaž) co-organized a workshop with Dutch colleagues. The workshop was held as part of the IEEE AIVR (International Conference on AI and VR). The workshop was attended by outstanding researchers: Benjamin Bach, Liz Marai, Luciana Nedel, Yannick Prié.

Immersive analytics (IA) is an interdisciplinary research field that uses VR/AR to create truly immersive and interactive representations of big data for a better analysis and understanding. The aim of the workshop was to explore the state of the art in IA, identify problems and major challenges, and look into recent improvements and promising ideas. We were particularly interested in examples that show how AI and VR/AR can be brought together to create and improve IA.

Keynote was given by Benjamin Bach who also participated at the Panel with other panelists Liz Marai, Luciana Nedel, Yannick Prié. The panel was moderated by Lynda Hardman.

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