HICUP Lab (“Humans Interacting with Computers” Lab at University of Primorska) hosts an international group of researchers trying to make digital world fit for humans.

Lab Vision

Our ability to process, collect, generate and transmit data has substantially increased in the recent time. This new digital world of information and knowledge is becoming the new medium for human evolution where our physical, intellectual and social abilities can develop at new speed.

However, when we try to augment our human abilities by using this digital wealth of information and knowledge we are confronted with a user interface which presents itself as the bottleneck between us humans and this digital resource.

Autonomous agents are gaining a superior position over humans because their methods for using this digital resource progress faster than user interfaces. To enable digital augmentation of human abilities to its fullest potential we need to unclog this bottleneck between us humans and computers and make the digital world fit for humans.

We are trying to achieve this by exploring novel interaction concepts, advancing sensing methods and finding new ways of improving personalized services through the usage of psychological models in personalisation algorithms. We leverage on techniques such as:  data mining, machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics and human perception and cognition.

Getting There

Galeb building, 1st floor 1/08
1 Kettejeva ul.
6000 Koper