3D masks and visors handed over to the General Hospital Izola

Plastic protective masks printed with 3D printers at the Laboratory for Human-Computer Interaction HICUP Lab are already available to the staff of the hospital. The whole story available on Primorske Novice newsportal.

 Along with 50 masks, they also handed over 65 face protection visors last week. Another 15 pieces of visors will be handed over to them this week. The latter are already used by hospital staff, while plastic masks, which have otherwise been tested and confirmed for suitability, will be used when other PPE will not be available. At the end of March, the University of Primorska joined the Zaščitimo Slovenio initiative by printing plastic protective masks. According to the laboratory, the model of the filter on the basis of which these masks were made, provides 99.99% efficiency.

Special thanks go to PHD students Cuauhtli Campos and Nuwan T. Attygalle who took on the task of ensuring 24h operation of 3D printers at the faculty!